The two-day tour to Tulbagh

In the late 1700s Dutch governor Rijk Tulbagh declared the necessity for a new magisterial district in the valley known as “Land ten Waveren”, named for the Waveren family who had settled there a little earlier. A Drostdy was built, housing the magistrate, his court house, and a prison cell, and the town takes its founding date from that time.

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Season’s greetings from Big Blue Sky Tours

John’s antidote to anxiety

Lots of my guests ask me what I do for relaxation. Here is the answer! I fly-fish for Brown and Rainbow trout in the magnificent landscapes of the Western Cape. This photo was taken a few days ago at a lake called Lakenvlei, in the high mountains above the fruit-growing valley of Ceres. Fly-fishing for trout in the Cape lakes and streams began with the importation of brown trout ova from Scotland in 1886. They were incubated and hatched in a purpose-built hatchery in Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch, and from there the fingerlings were introduced into the free-stone rivers ...

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Lying on the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak, Newlands is possibly the best known, internationally, of all Cape Town’s suburbs. It is home to two of the world’s most famous sporting arenas – the Newlands Cricket Ground and the Newlands Rugby Stadium, and it is the ancestral home of the world’s second biggest brewing group, SAB Miller.

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A new look for the Big Blue Sky Tours website

Greetings to friends from around the world, and a very warm welcome to our new website!

In the year 2000, our original website was designed and built by Helen Scrimgeor. From the start it was clear that Helen’s strikingly original design easily eclipsed those of all other Cape Town touring companies, both in its visual appeal and in its ease of use. And thanks to Helen’s genius, Big Blue Sky Tours in Cape Town quickly became a recognised brand.

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