A Cape Winelands gem: Allee Bleue Bistro


In the Cape Winelands, the tiny but charming little gem called Allee Bleue lies at a point equidistant from Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, the three corners of wine’s “Golden Triangle”.

We entered the small historic building and were instantly enchanted by the cool blue interior. It achieves a lovely harmony between rustic simplicity and Cape sophistication, making it the kind of lunch venue one is reluctant to leave.

Chef Beau is one of a small number of winelands chefs whose flair, imagination and innovation actually do translate into delicious and fulfilling plated meals. These are served with grace and style by Adell who, thank God, does not predicate the relationship with the ghastly “Hello, my name’s Shelley and I’ll be your waitron today!”

The Sauvignon Blanc from the Allee Bleue estate was, quite simply, a very fine wine.