Alumni groups on holiday


Alumni groups have very particular needs. Members are on holiday, yet they always seek information, intellectual stimulation, and encounters with the local culture. We understand this requirement, and provide our guests with a rich and powerful experience of our country’s narrative as they enjoy all the highlights of the more conventional tours.


We confer closely with the alumnus office of the college from which the group derives, to ensure that we present an exciting core itinerary. Beyond this, we build in a wide range of visits, tours, presentations, walks and talks.


Airport arrival

Our service begins with a meet and greet on arrival at Cape Town International Airport. After the introductions are over, we assist with luggage management to the coach, distribute copies of the itinerary (together with important contact numbers) to each individual in the group, and we accompany the group on the transfer to their accommodation in the city.


We take care of all transport logistics, using our own vehicles and drivers or those of trusted local operators. Every excursion is escorted by an experienced and knowledgeable guide working for Big Blue Sky Tours. In most cases we travel together in one large coach, but we also provide smaller vehicles for those occasions when the group needs to split into smaller numbers. All vehicles carry the full range of licences and carrier permits as required by the South African Transportation Authority. Safety is our top priority.


We make all the accommodation reservations for the group, depending on budget. Because the exchange rates between ZAR and any other world currency is very favourable to the visitor, we can usually source five-star accommodation within the tour budget. We use hotels on Cape Town’s famed V&A Waterfront, giving the traveller easy access to all the shops, restaurants, theatres and other entertainment venues.


On our outings each day, we ensure variety and diversion for our guests. In addition to the “must see” highlights of the Cape (Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, Robben Island, etc) we include wine estates, art galleries, visits to university campuses, local music, architecture, history, and of course local cuisine!


We are always in touch with a wide spectrum of NGOs, government representatives, professionals and academics in Cape Town. This makes it possible to source interesting and entertaining speakers on virtually any topic of the group’s particular interests. Sometimes these speakers will join us for a formal dinner, but usually they join us on the daily excursions and become part of the group. On one of the evenings we are hosted to a dinner by one of Cape Town’s ordinary families where we chat informally with them and with their friends.

Gala dinner

The farewell dinner takes place at one of Cape Town’s historic venues, such as the Alphen Hotel in the Constantia Valley, or the Mount Nelson Hotel below Table Mountain. This is a very special evening on which we provide local culture by way of music, food, wine, and invited guests.


We take great pleasure in facilitating these alumni visits as we really enjoy interacting with ex-students and staff of overseas colleges. We believe in the global village, but we also celebrate difference and diversity, and the mutual benefits to countries and individuals from the interactions we try to enable.